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Jakobsen consulting is pleased to announce the release of our new Sales and Service Mobile App. After months of hard work and close collaboration with our clients in Japan and UK we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our app for sales and service field engineers that allows you to streamline the order taking process and

manual entry for service jobs.

The app supports online and offline modes and is integrated with ERP systems*. With this capability companies with field engineers or remote sales representatives can input data while on site with the customer, where there is no internet connection, the app will then automatically synchronize data with the ERP system when internet connection is available.

Some of the main benefits you can expect to see from the Sales and Service Mobile App are:

  • All orders are loaded into the ERP system* instantly when in online mode or automatically sync later in offline mode without interim steps or procedures required
  • Capability to get a signature and upload multiple files at the time of taking the order from the client. Supported formats for file upload: xml, jpg, jpeg, pdf, gif, png and txt
  • Automatic email notification sent to customers through your ERP reporting system
  • The app is easy to operate with minimal training required for the sales representatives
  • Communication with the ERP system* through secured connection

The app is available for Windows mobile devices operating Windows 10. We are in the process of releasing a version for Android devices.

* ERP system – currently available integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


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